VENTURE 4TH Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

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The Travel Towel from VENTURE 4TH is lightweight, quick drying, and compact. Whether you’re going to the gym, the beach or camping, now you can bring a towel that’s easy to toss in your bag so you’ll always be prepared for your next adventure.

These thin and ultra absorbent towels will dry you quickly and comfortably without taking up space in your bag or weighing it down. And when you unpack, you won’t be greeted with a damp towel and surrounding clothes or that all too familiar musty smell.


  • Microfiber Towels dry up 4 times faster than regular towels so you can pack and go
  • Dries your body in seconds
  • Lightweight and easy packable, the towel folds down to the size of a tablet
  • Stays clean and smells fresh for longer
  • Feels soft against your skin


Pick one of our three convenient sizes and your favorite color combination now.

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