How to Get More for Less on Your Next Summer Vacation

Sometimes, getting the most out of your summer vacation is about more than simply making sure you visit all the best tourist destinations and spend plenty of time on the beach. Though some of the money-saving tips that you use to inform your next trip will be obvious - like shopping around for the best deal, it's also worth checking out some of the advice we have below.

With a little luck, the following tips will help to make sure that you have plenty of excess cash to put in your waist money belt the next time you head on a big family trip, or a solo adventure.

1.    Plan Well in Advance

Although we're the first to recognize that last-minute bargains do exist in the world of travel, if you want to get more for less on your next summer vacation, the best bet is usually to plan. Look around for flights, tickets, and hotels that you want to visit well before you plan on going anywhere. Not only will this let you wait around for better offers, but the best deals for certain tickets are sometimes early bird offers too! Planning ahead will also let you know exactly how much you have to spend. If you get the budgeting out of the way early, you should be less tempted to go overboard on a fancy hotel or upgrading your flights. Plus, you can keep some extra cash in your waist money belt, just in case.

2.    Be as Flexible as You Can

Sometimes, taking a flexible approach to your summer vacation can be the best way to save some serious cash in your travel pouch. If you don't mind where you go, or where you fly from, you can track down cheap flights from nearby cities. This is particularly true if you're one of the many people who will put up with a really late, or really early flight in order to get a bargain. At the same time, being open to new destinations and being able to travel short notice can sometimes work wonders too.

3.    Save on Converting Currency

When it comes to packing your waist money belt belt full of currency, remember that being prepared helps a lot with holiday cash. The strength of the dollar might have a huge impact on your holiday budget, so remember to shop around and keep an eye on when it's at its strongest. If you're open-minded about travelling further afield, you might even get a serious bargain on your next trip.

4.    Use Your Haggling Skills

Sometimes, haggling simply isn't accepted, but in other parts of the world if you don't attempt to drive the price of an item down, the people who are selling to you will simply assume that you have plenty of cash to burn. Do a little research before you go on your next vacation and find out if haggling is usually a good idea or not. For big chain stores, you might want to avoid it, but for street markets and vendors, it's almost always expected. Just don't flash your waist money belt or travel pouch to the vendors. If you need to get extra money, go into a hidden place to do it.


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