Foods to Avoid Before Your Next Flight

Foods to Avoid before Your Next Flight

There's more to having an incredible experience with your next flight than ensuring you have stunningly moisturized skin and all the travel accessories that you need for a positive journey. In fact, the chances are that you're going to want to think about everything from what you're going to put in your RFID-protected security belt, to what you're going to eat before you take to the skies.

It can surprise some jet-setters to learn that the food you eat before you fly can have an impact on how good your journey is. The wrong foods can leave you feeling bloated, sickly, and uncomfortable while you're crammed in a metal box for hours at a time - surrounded by other irritable passengers. Here, we're going to look at some of the foods to avoid before your next flight - if you want to make comfort a priority.

1.    Baked Beans (or Anything that Makes You Gassy)

First things first, you'll need to stay away from anything that might lead to excess gas in your stomach. This includes obvious suspects like cabbage, broccoli, and baked beans. If you know anything else that bothers your stomach, make a note to avoid that too. Besides the embarrassment of being gassy all the way through your flight, you don't want to spend your journey feeling bloated either.

2.    Garlic

We all know that garlic is delicious - but it also has a very distinct scent that can be difficult to get rid of in a hurry. Since garlic breath isn't something you're going to want to impose on the passengers surrounding you on your flight, it's best to avoid this ingredient entirely. What's more, because garlic can be absorbed into the blood stream, it may also lead to worse body odors - another big problem for enclosed spaces.

3.    French Fries

Though French fries can seem like a quick and easy solution when you're looking for something to munch on before your flight - the oils and fats that come with fried foods can frequently lead to heartburn - which might cause discomfort throughout your flight. What's more, food that is high in trans fats and salt can cause fluid retention and cause your stomach to swell.

4.    Alcohol

Though alcohol is a beverage and not necessarily a food item, we've still included it on our list of foods to avoid before your next flight because of one important reason: dehydration. Alcohol can leave you seriously dehydrated, and airplane air also does the same thing. In other words, you'll end up feeling drained and unwell. If you need to get a drink, make sure you top up your body with plenty of water too.

5.    Spicy Foods

Finally, hot and spicy foods can cause problems like bladder irritation and stomach discomfort. Once more, these ingredients can cause bad breath that makes you more difficult to sit around on a flight. Try and save the spicy treats until you land if you want yourself, and your fellow passengers to be more comfortable throughout your next journey.

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