TSA-Approved Heavy Duty Luggage Padlock

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No-one wants to get stuck at security checks and inspections when they're moving through the airport on their way to a new and exciting destination. The Venture4th TSA-approved padlock ensures that your bags can be opened for inspection without any damage to the lock. In other words, you can ensure that your luggage stays secure, and you can avoid being held-up in lengthy queues at the same time!


  • TSA-approved lock designed to be opened and relocked by TSA Screeners
  • Fully-secure combination locked design for complete protection
  • Adjustable - this padlock is capable of fitting most modern luggage
  • Durable and designed from toughened zinc alloy, this lock cannot be removed easily using force
  • Easy-to-use, just set your combination and go!
  • Available in different colors to match your luggage

These padlocks are built to last, and offer you unbeatable protection from luggage thieves, while ensuring easy passage through airport security.

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